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Style: Rock/Metal

Biography: Pino Scotto, singer, undoubtedly represents the most important figure on the national rock scene. This lombardy-born artist holds this glorious title recognized by every rock lover. The charismatic and powerful singer, who has been greatly influenced by blues and has a deep gravely voice, is the most significant rappresentation of Rock Italy has ever seen. His career officially starts at the end of the 70s when he records his first single with Pulsar. After a short while he becomes Vanadium's frontman, the most important rock band on the italian rock scene. It's with this band that he releases 8 great albums (7 of which he releases annually, quite an achievement for an italian rock band) touring all over the country and throughout Europe. With the debut "Metal Rock" (1982), an instinctive concept influenced by the sound that made Deep Purple appreciated all over the world, Vanadium sell 8000 copies. The following work " A race with the devil" receives great reviews and sells succesfully but it's with the album "Game over" (1984) that the band sells 45000 copies, surprising the entire italian record industry. With the following album " Live on the streets of danger" (1986) Vanadium shoot two videos regularly scheduled on Videomusic. "Easy way to love" from the album "A race with the devil", recorded in London, becomes the soundtrack of the music show Discoring and "You can't stop the music" unpublished track included in the live album, is the first video clip ever shot by an italian rock band. After the bankrupt of their label Durium the band sees the sudden stop of their new studio release "Corruption of innocence" (1987), produced by Jim Faraci (Ratt, Poison, Guns N' Roses) but they find a way out. With a lot of courage and determination they sign up with Green Line/Ricordi releasing "Seventheaven" a single greatly produced by Guy Bidmead (Motorhead, Tina Turner, Wratchild) with a more "american" sound. In this single Pino Scotto's voice sounds softer and smoother, proving his versatility, giving emphasis to the A.O.R (Adult oriented rock) tunes, specially in tracks as the popular "Take my blues away" and "To be a number one". The distribution and promotion of this record are badly managed by the new label that doesn't support the band properly. After this disappointing experience the band decicedes to take a break. From 1990 through 1992 Pino Scotto releases his first solo album, this time in italian, "Il grido disperato di mille Bands". with the collaboration of Andrea Braido, axe-man of Vaso Rossi, Luigi Schiavone Enrico Ruggeri's guitarist, and the harmonica player Fabio Treves). At this point Pino Scotto starts his tour with his Jam Roll Project where he performs on stage with Black Sabbath, Megadeth, Iron Maiden, Pantera and Testament. Soon afterwards he receives a Grammy at the Spazio D'autore event for his album and for his true personality. In 1993 he's back at work with artists as Luigi Schiavone, Antonio Aiazzi (Litfiba), Fabrizio Palermo (Clandestino ex-band of Ligabue) and his everlasting friend Lio Mascheroni, to give life to the project "Progetto Sinergia" and to release the album wih the same name in 1994. In 1995 Vanadium re-unite and release a great album in italian "Nel cuore del caos" followed by a long tour that ends at the end of February 1996. Soon afterwards Vanadim publish a compilation "Segnali di fuoco" containing tracks from Pino Scotto's last three albums: "Il grido disperato di mille bands", "Progetto Sinergia", "Nel cuore del caos" . The compilation also includes some unpublished tracks (produced by RIMA record) in which not only Vanadium but artists as Ronnie Jackson and the above mentioned Andrea Braido and Fabio Treves give their contribution.The compilation (sold at special price as requested by Pino Scotto) also contains a track by Giuseppe Galliano and the first 1000 copies also contain a comic-strip by Giacomo Balosu, from the monography "Standing rock (Lo Scotto Da Pagare)". The Last album released by the charismatic singer is "Guado", eleven great tracks for a deeply felt work in which we find artists as Norman Zoia, members of bands as Extrema and Timoria , international artists as Aida Cooper and Claudio Pascoli. Once again we find in Scotto's lyrics a great ability and sensitivity in writing about social topics, characteristic of his music. For years the historical importance of this artist (member of the register of journalists as publicist ) are officially recognized by specialized magazines: Tutto Musica e Spettacolo and Hard!. At the dawn of 2003, the news of a sensational comeback of this great artist. Accompanied by drummer Lio Mascheroni and other musicians with great technical skills, such as the guitar - hero Steve Angarthal, keyboardist and organist Neil Otupacca (ex Gotthard) and bassist Angelo Perini, Pino was ready to shake all stages of the peninsula with its brand-new creature: Fire Trails. After releasing their first album Vanadium Tribute, in 2005 the Fire Trails sees some changes in its line up with Frank Kopo on bass and keyboards Larsen Premoli and then, instead of Lio Mascheroni, enters Mario Giannini on drums. Fire Trails sign a record deal with Valery Records and release internationally Third Moon, concept albums which meets a good commercial and critical success. With Third Moon, Fire Trails go on tour and are involved in numerous festivals in Italy and abroad with bands like Paul Di Anno, LA Guns, Glenn Hughes, Ronnie James Dio, Napalm Death and Saxon among which we mention the appearance in 2006 as a headliner at the legendary Gods of Metal. Also in 2006, are called to open for Deep Purple in 2007 to participate as special guests at the Heineken Jamming Festival. The Third Moon album tour ends in March 2008 for the Italian edition of Gods Of Metal. This will be the last concert Fire Trails that finally broke up in September 2008 due to personal reasons. Since the beginning of its history with the Fire Trails, Pino is invited to work with Rock TV broadcaster for the run of the program Database, in which he establishes immediately a direct relationship with the public, discussing both musical and non -issues, solicited by hundreds of questions that viewers send to him via SMS and email. Database regularly receives excellent ratings and Pino Scotto was thus able to freely communicate with his audience and give voice to the anger of all musicians and all those who are sickened by the social system of this country. A new album DATEVI FUOCO (lo scotto da pagare) is released in 2008, entirely sung in Italian, in which are proposed the best songs in the solo career of Pino Scotto, who invites as special guests a large group of friends and great musicians of the italian rock scene such as P.F.M.'s Mauro Pagani, J. Ax of Articolo 31, Enrico Ruggeri, Tommy Massara and GL Perotti from Extrema, Aida Cooper, Cristian Mozzati from Lacuna Coil, Fabio Treves, Le Vibrazioni, Trevor of Sadist, Saturnino, Gigi Schiavone (Ruggeri guitarist), Mario Riso of Movida and mentor of Rezophonic, Bud and Dario Cappanera of Strana Officina, Andy from Bluevertigo, Briegel of Ritmo Tribale, Tato of Fratelli Calafuria, Pier Gonella and Roberto Tiranti of Labyrinth, Morby of Domine, Olly of The Fire, Lella of Settevite, Marco Melloni, Maurizio Belluzzo of Alchemy, Maurizio Roveron, Steve Arganthal of Fire Trails, Steve Volta. Datevi Fuoco is also enhanced by a rich graphic design and will feature a booklet of nearly 200 pages with the first official biography of Pino Scotto written by Norman Zoia: photographs, anecdotes, news and information on careers, history and life of the artist .Datevi Fuoco is a well-deserved success and the tour supporting the album "DATEVI FUOCO TOUR", brings the artist to perform in more than 150 concerts throughout Italy and also sees the participation and the HEINEKEN JAMMING FESTIVAL with Sex Pistols, Linkin Park and ROCK OF AGES with Extreme and Twisted Sister. The Tour is finally crowned by a LIVE DVD entitled OUTLAW now'n ever! Two music videos are shot out of Datevi Fuoco: "Come noi" in the company of J. Ax, Extrema and Mario Riso and "Dio del Blues" with Le Vibrazioni. In 2009, the music famous magazine ROLLING STONE and innovative InScena Magazine rely on Pino Scotto a regular column. The artist continues his TV presenter on ROCK TV and starts collaborating as a radio speaker with the newborn web radio ROCKNROLLRADIO with a weekly appointment together with Simone Anaclerio of SKW. Meanwhile Tzunami Editions publishes a book written by Christian Channels: a biographical interview of Pino Scotto's life and career titled 6-0 Fottetevi tutti! (6-0 Fuck you all!) In 2010 Valery Records releases BUENA SUERTE, a great Rock 'N' Roll album, entirely in Italian with original tracks and guests such as Caparezza, The Fire and Kee Marcello (ex Europe). The full length work is aggressive, features a crystalline and powerful production personally supervised by the artist himself. The lyrics, written with the usual direct straight talk of the artist, deal with the degradated artistic, social and cultural situation of Italy in the year 2010. The first video taken from Buena Suerte "Gli arbitri ti picchiano" featuring Caparezza obtained from the very first weeks a huge public response and heated discussions about the content of the lyrics. Immediately after the release of Buena Suerte, Pino Scotto is engaged in an intense promotional tour throughout Italy that brings him back on the road with his band.
Song: Come Noi

Gli Arbitri ti Picchiano
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